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Webcam sex

"Live or recorded sexual subject matter via cam or camera with the sole intention of sexually exciting the viewer(s) and/or oneself."

For years the internet has made it easy for people to make their own pornography. Webcam sex has become popular among the Danes. Every adult can watch. Every man, woman or couple can make a profile and go online, and the person you are watching might be your neighbour.


One of these profiles belongs to 'Misse Jensen,' as she calls herself on the site. She sees herself as an erotic toy when she is online. She is accessible and likes to be played with. “I think it is fantastic to masturbate. It is naughty if a lot of men are watching me at the same time. Also, I consider the screen as a protection. It gives me power."


When Misse Jensen was younger, she noticed how the boys in her group of friends could go out and have sex with several women on one night. People thought it was cool. If the girls did the same as the boys it was likely to be considered as slutty behaviour.

MKH20170116WebcamStephanie121439 copy.JP

For Misse Jensen webcam modelling is a hobby and not a job. Usually she does not earn a lot of money while she is online. This night she earned 135 kr.


When it comes to sex, Misse Jensen likes to think of herself as a man. This way she feels it is more acceptable to satisfy the desires which come naturally to her.

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"If the girls did the same as the boys it was likely to be considered as slutty behaviour."

MKH20170116WebcamStephanie121615 copy.JP
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