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I have a degree in photojournalism from the Danish School of Media and Journalism, DMJX, Aarhus, Denmark in 2018.


I worked as a photojournalist at the Danish newspaper Politiken. And I studied at the photographic visual arts school Fatamorgana, Copenhagen, Denmark and art and painting at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

Visual storyteller based in Copenhagen, Denmark


The weight of expectations, the fear of not sufficing and of not fitting into a particular box has over time struck me. I create because in that state I am free of expectations, and I do not have to fit into the world in a certain way.
As a photojournalist and as a visual storyteller my work is made with an affection for what the world already contains; the creatures, nature and humans I wish for other to see and notice - and also, I explore what it has the potential to be. Photography is the starting point of my process. Through it, I sometimes build on and expand my world by drawing, cutting, glueing and sewing. The process is often my work and it is made out of a sense of levitation.
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